Caribbean Finance Company Limited

Caribbean Finance Company Limited (CFC) is one of the foremost non-bank financial institutions in the country with a significant share of the private motor vehicle financing market. It is licensed under the Financial Institutions Act, 1993 to carry on the businesses of a confirming house, a finance house, a leasing corporation and a mortgage institution. Under the terms of its license CFC accepts deposits from the public for varying periods of not less than one year.

Company History

The company was formed in 1971 by the late Nazir Ahamad who saw the competitive advantage afforded by the availability, on attractive terms, of hire purchase finance to support the auto dealership of Southern Sales and Service Company Limited.

The Company has grown steadily since its commencement of operations and now commands a prominent position among non-bank financial institutions providing finance to a wide cross section of the market whilst retaining the valuable linkage to its affiliated companies in the auto business. read more

Caribbean Finance Company

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